Sunday, August 8, 2010

My anniversary PRESENT! How could I forget?

As a follow up to my anniversary post, I want to share what Brian made me for our anniversary. It is a travel bag. I've been talking about wanting one for some time. Something just big enough to carry the, cards, keys.  Being the awesome husband he is Brian made one for me. I LOVE hand made gifts! Especially from him.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Salt and pepper shakers

I use to have this thing for buying "cool" salt and pepper shakers that don't look like your typical shaker. I ended up with a couple of expensive, modern looking sets that are completely impractical. They are a pain in the rear to refill and don't hold very much. We don't use very much salt when cooking so I guess that was my reasoning to myself when I bought them. We've been buying S-n-P in bulk and have just been spooning it out of the bag because these shakers are such a pain. Well, that is a pain as well and today I had all I could stands and decided to make my own shakers.

I really like the shape of these and they are so sleek and see through and the top is cut at an angle. The bottom looks like stainless steel (it's coated plastic)...

...but this is how much it holds. You put the salt/pepper in the bottom and then screw it back onto the top. A cherry tomato doesn't even fit in the bottom!

This set looks even more like stainless and they don't fall over. They wobble, like weeble wobbles. ("Say no more. I want them!") They don't hold much either.

My new salt shaker made using a jelly canning jar and lid.

I poked holes in the lid using a knife

It holds pa-lenty of salt

I even made a matching one for the pepper.

I'm sure this will help me be more efficient in the kitchen.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

July 13 was our anniversary. I drafted a post on the 14th but never completed it. Better late than never, right?

We usually make a nice dinner at home for our anniversary but this year I wanted to pack a picnic dinner and ride our bikes to a park along the river. So we did just that. It was a week day and we did this after work. Wanting to be home before dark we didn't have much time to spare once we reached our destination and ate.

Dinner consisted of turkey, cheese, baguette.....oh no wait, that's right.... we FORGOT the baguette. Kale salad, potato salad, a nectarine, chips and root beer. Chocolate for dessert. The best anniversary dinner to date.

A Carsick Designs bag serving us well

Guy West Bridge across the American River

The American River
Looking West

The American River
Looking East

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The simplicity of camping

Brian and I went camping at our ol' stand by last weekend, Buck's Lake. It's about 20 miles from the town where Brian grew up and it's the place we go when we want to go camping but haven't made plans to go elsewhere. We brought our bikes and went for a ride on Saturday, a long, hilly, strenuous ride that was mostly on a 4-wheel drive road. A ride that rewarded us with the most amazing views and surprised us with a variety of sweet aromatic flora. Camping and bike touring always remind me of how little I really need to live and motivate me to continue lightening the load of all the useless stuff in this house.

Brian lived in this structure 22 years ago when he worked at Lakeshore Resort. No running water, bathroom or kitchen. (the porta potty wasn't there back then) Now it's used for boat rentals.