Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bike ride!!!!

We have not been riding our bikes at all this year, busy with the garden and helping my mom get back on her feet. We've done one mountain bike ride since Jan 5 and thats it. Yesterday we rode from our house to Davis. We stopped at a little drainage ditch that the skaters hang out at.

We went to the farmers Market and bought a few things. Then we headed to the Davis Natural foods co-op for some lunch. We ate and hung out with some birds on the patio at the co-op.

Then we headed back home. We always encounter some strange wilderness on this ride, (thousands of bats, geese, cranes, swarms of bugs, cow birds, hawks, etc.) This time we saw a coyote while crossing the yolo causeway. It stopped and stared up at us for a minute, it looked like it was trying to figure out how to get to us and eat us. It got bored with us and ran off. The causeway is always stressful with traffic coming at you at 75 mph!
The last 10 miles or so were rough especially for me who was pedaling as hard as I could to keep up with Monica ( which always seems to be the case). We saw another xtracycle going the opposite direction in West Sacramento which was cool. Our last stop on the way home was the capitol bridge. About 42 miles, not bad for our first ride in a while!

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