Wednesday, August 5, 2009

marin headlands

We are doing a bicycle tour next month from Corvallis Oregon to Fort Bragg CA. We have not been training at all this year, so we headed to cooler weather to ride some hills. We spent a lot of time looking around the bunkers buried in the hillsides. It was near 100 degree in Sacramento, it was quite a bit cooler down there.

Down these stairs was a very creepy metal door that only opened a little bit, Monica had a panicked look on her face after walking down there. After seeing some people emerge out of the darkness we finally stepped inside.

looking past the doorway was PITCH BLACK, I snapped a few photos, expecting to see monsters hiding in the shadows, unfortunately it was just this.

There are hidden entrances all over the mountainsides.

This deer was 20 feet from the road and about 50 feet from grass, trees and water. Not sure why she picked this small patch for lunch.

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