Monday, February 8, 2010

New cargo bike

I've been leaving work early or not going at all a lot lately. This isn't so great for the paycheck but it sure is good for my life. I've been getting a little yard work done, preparing for this years garden. I built my cargo trailer, and have been sewing some panniers.

Last week I was trying to think of what I could do with this mountain bike frame I have laying around. I thought of making it into a single speed cruiser. Maybe I would sell it. But I started kicking around this idea for a long john style bike. With a little inspiration from here and a whole bunch of inspiration and support from Tom's cargo bikes ( Tom is super helpful, plus he shows how to build the bikes that he makes and sells), I came up with this.

I'm into it 25 bucks so far, I think I'll only need to buy a couple little things to get it running. I bought the front wheel for 82 cents at a thrift store ( I did buy a new tire and tube). The fork is the original mountain bike fork with 3 inches removed. I built the steerer tube and front of the frame with tubing from a local supplier. Most everything else is leftovers.

I still have to make some steering linkages, build a cargo box or flatbed, add a little paint, brakes, drive train etc. But its moving along fast. I can't wait to test ride this.


  1. You are one creative guy! Dou you think that you'll have any problems with the frame flexing, or will mounting the cargo box provide support? I'm excited to see how this turns out.

  2. Thanks. Right now the frame is pretty flexible, not enough that it would be problem. I am planning on adding a couple of gussets on the joints just in case. I think the box should add a lot of support. It seems like the flexing will kind of add some shock absorption like one of those long choppers from the 70's with no suspension.

  3. Wow, I am impressed. That looks like a lot more fun than going to work. Kind of made me ashamed of myself grumbling about all the nit picking finishing details on my longtail.
    I am watching with great interest.