Thursday, December 29, 2011

One Step Closer to Roughin' It

I grew up camping. Car camping. Every summer my dad would take a week off work and he, my mom, my two brothers and I would load in to the station wagon and head to the mountains or the ocean. I'm so thankful to my parents for those vacations because as I got older I learned that some people have never been camping. Also, as I got older I tried to make camping as comfortable as possible bringing many conveniences from home . All that has changed since my first bike camping trip, which really helped me learn to not overpack and bring only the necessities, the bare minimum, when camping.

Some people feel that car camping is not camping at all. To them camping means hiking in with a pack on your back and setting up camp where ever you feel like it. No designated camp spot. No fire pit. No porta-potty. No running water. Just the ground below, the sky above, and your essentials.

That type of camping has become more appealing to me over the past few years and for me, this trip that we went on in July was one step closer to that type of camping.

We drove up to Buck's Lake on a Friday after work, stayed in our car at a Pacific Crest Trailhead parking lot, then drove to Silver Lake in the morning and set up camp. Silver Lake does have designated camp spots but they are more remote than your typical campground. There are only 8 camp spots and the majority of them are spaced quite some distance apart. Each spot has a fire pit and a table. There are 'outhouses' but no running water.

After setting up camp, we packed our bags and went for a hike. When we returned we went for a walk around our camp, checking out our surroundings. Everything checked out ok (we saw no signs of any human eating wild animals) so I felt a bit more at ease. I've been living in the city far too long.


Silver Lake on our way to the trail...

The hike....

Climbing, climbing, climbing...nature's stair master.

Level ground. It was SO beautiful. And eerily quiet.

We found a little clearing near the edge of the ridge where we sat and ate lunch. It looked like someone had camped there recently.

Our view during lunch. Breathtaking. The lake in the far background is Silver Lake, where we started.

Heading back. It's all downhill from here...

 The area around our camp...

Camp fun....


  1. From 1962 until 1977 in another life I camped all around California and for several years with small children. In the spring and fall, before and after the camping season we would hit the camp grounds and have them to ourselves. You have brought back memories of good times. Thanks.

  2. That sounds fun. Good idea to go during the off season and avoid the crowds. Glad I could help bring back good memories.
    ~ Monica