Thursday, May 14, 2009


I saw a news story on gma about "brightsiding" basically the positive effects of a poor economy.

" It's based on the belief that, though you can't control the stock market or your job security, you can control your outlook on life. So why not stay positive?"

I personally have been looking forward to a poor economy. If we can't afford our car payment-we will ride our bikes alot more. If we can't afford to go out to eat- we will eat better. If we can't afford to buy a bunch of useless shit- we won't have it holding us back from living a real true life. If we can't afford our house-maybe we could take off on our bikes, or hop a train, or backpack around the country. Life is pretty short and working for the man is a terrible way to spend it. So I spent my day planting tomatoes and soybeans so we can eat.

We made this bench out of a reclaimed thick oak slab that served its previous life as a floor of a car trailer.
24 soybean transplants
18 tomato transplants. that brings us to a total of 44 tomato plants for the season.

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