Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chico bicycle music festival

We went to Chico for the bicycle music festival. Its a self supported day of music and bicycle riding. The sound system is built into four xtracycles ridden by the ginger ninjas from North San Jaun CA. The bikes are parked on the stage and volunteers from the audience pedal them which powers the sound system. No electricity or fossil fuels are needed. Several bands play at each location, when the last band plays everything is packed up and transported by bike to another venue. This continues into the night.
The fossil fool from the bay area is a bike rapper who has a sound sytem built into his bike, he had a guest singer named metysn riding with him.
Lots of dancing in the hot sun.
I hauled a film producer on the back of my bike for a few miles, he is working on a sustainability project for pbs.

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