Monday, December 7, 2009


One thing bike touring has taught me is just how little one needs to survive.

For quite some time now Brian and I have been conflicted about whether we should quit our jobs, sell all our possessions and travel around on our bikes, or just sell MOST of our possessions and simplify our life so we can quit our current jobs and start doing something we enjoy for a living.

Well, we haven't come to a decision but we are simplifying and no matter which we choose (if either. or both) this will prove to be beneficial. We've been going through our house with a fine tooth comb and so far we've had a yard sale, sold a bunch of cd's and some dvd's, put some stuff on e-bay, and this weekend we are vending at an antique fair in town to try and rid ourselves of boxes of items that have been stored in the closets of spare rooms and in the garage rafters.

You see, we use to wander thrift stores, antique stores, and swap meets for fun. I took interest in old, quirky kitchen and bathroom gadgets, especially if they were pink (like the Tidie Dryer that "Quickly Dries....Bras, panties, hose, gloves.") Or turquoise. Then there was the old fan phase, then the old toy phase.....I couldn't pass these things up because they were so cool! Had to have them.

Now, as all this stuff sits in boxes at one end of my living room waiting to be shown off at the antique fair, I look at it and think "these are the things holding us back."

Just like bike touring, with each item we get rid of I feel a little lighter and it's a little easier to move.

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  1. You probably know you are lucky, being able to make these decisions together.
    In my experience, the time will almost certainly come when travel is impossible, and maybe not even desirable.
    Staying put can be just as much an adventure as setting out, but rarely is.