Sunday, December 27, 2009


I've been working on a pannier pattern for a couple weeks. I came up with a basic pattern that i used to sew up a couple of practice bags. I've spent most of my waking hours thinking of ways to improve it. I felt like it was time to make a real one so I sold one of my xtracycles to buy some fabric and hardware.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to get started. I changed a few things as I went and still have a few more changes to make. The first one took me about 8 hours total, but I think the next one will only take a couple hours.

The outside is foilage green and espresso 1000 denier cordura. I made a floating liner out of grey/green 420 denier coated nylon. I'm hoping they will be fairly water resistant with the floating liner. I used auto door panel backing board for the inner support.

Monica is going to test it out tomorrow on her ride to work. She will let me know if I need to make changes or if it is acceptable. I've made/ built lots of stuff in my life (cars, motorcycles, mopeds, art, etc.) . This is the first time I can remember that I have been impressed with the final product.


  1. That looks great! Did you happen to take photos of the actual construction? I took some time the other day to practice sewing together a simple bag using fabric from a couple of old Dickies work shirts. I didn't bother to bind any edges. I noticed that all of the edges on your pannier have binding, even in the interior, very nice.

  2. I actually did not take construction photos, I thought about it a few times but I was having a good time and didi not want to stop. I'll get some during pics on the next one. I was practicing with cotton duck cloth that I got on sale. I bought a swing out binder for my machine, it makes binding the edges much easier. thanks.