Thursday, January 28, 2010

bike trailer

My dad was the kind of guy that saved everything, knowing that someday he would need it for something. He had a couple of wheelchairs torn apart in his stash of stuff. He gave me the wheels a couple years back. He thought I could use them to build a bike trailer.

I never really needed a trailer with the xtracycle, but last year we hauled a bunch of bags of compost and potting soil from our local nursery. Plus we get straw bales for mulch from our feed store. Since we don't have a pick up truck we haul it in Monica's car and this leaves a big mess that I end up cleaning. I could get the compost in the xtracycle but the straw bales were to big.

My work is really slow right now so I decided to go for it. I'm trying to use only material I have on hand, It looks like I will only need to buy one short stick of tubing for the tongue and some bolts to hold down the floor. Its pretty heavy but I will be towing it with my electric assist xtracycle. Hopefully next week it will be completely welded, painted and getting put to work.


  1. Nice work. I have lusted for some wheel chair wheels but every time I find any, kids have destroyed them. Kids around here destroy most everything they get their hands on. Not all them but enough that they keep the ditches full. That's how I got my trailer. It was in a ditch discarded with two flats. They thought they had destroyed it but they were too stupid to know cosmetics from real destruction. I have only used it once to haul log rounds to use for my outdoor blacksmith shop. Worked good. Now I need to figure out how to haul scrap lumber. There is a lot around here but it's all too long for the trailer. I may try a method where the load becomes part of the trailer. Logging trucks and over length trucks use it sometimes.

  2. Thank you. Kids around here are pretty destructive also. I've seen some pictures of trailers hauling canoes and lumber that kinda used the logging truck method. We have a guy in our neighborhood that sometimes goes by the house with lumber on a pallet with casters mounted on the bottom. He tows it with a rope tied around his waist.