Sunday, March 21, 2010

More cargo bike fun

I put the cargo bike together last week. I took it for a test ride only to discover the bottom bracket was too low. I thought I could get by with it, I would just have to remember- no pedaling in corners. Monica assured me this was the wrong idea. So out came the hacksaw and welder. I made a few changes and its was back together the next day. I gained 2 inches without affecting my steering angle too much.

I mounted a flat bed and a gm parts crate on it until I build a box. The kickstand is temporary, I'm working on a better design. We decided to take it to the grocery store today. I was a little worried about getting 5 miles from home, loading it with groceries and having a problem. So I loaded a Datsun engine block in the box and took it for a spin. 85 lbs and it handled with no problem. We bought 65 lbs of groceries, the bike laughed at me. The only problem I noticed is my cantilever brake sucks. Before I mount the front brake I'm going to try and get a set of v-brakes. This thing is a smile making machine. I think I'm ready to start building another one.


  1. Your right about a smile making machine. It sure makes me smile. I love it.

  2. I made my bottom bracket higher on my cargo bike too. I would love to see your updated kickstand because I am kinda stumped on mine.