Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The same, but different

We are at it again. Sunday we finally started some seeds. Brian made soil blocks and we planted tomatoes, jalapenos, and celery. Last year we had a bounty of Juliet tomatoes which we loved. We dehydrated and froze a bunch, and they were very tasty. However, we couldn't find any organic Juliet seeds this year so we opted for the Amish Paste which we've read good things about.

Last year, in an effort to turn our back yard lawn into a garden, we covered the grass with cardboard and put raised beds atop the cardboard. The beds were filled with soil, of course, and we filled the area outside the raised beds with bark. And later, straw.

This process worked well for us but as we began planning for this year we debated keeping the beds. The beds are filled with weeds and we decided it would be easier to remove them without the boxes in our way. So, we started that process on Sunday as well. This is what we have so far.

In this space I planted lettuces, carrots and beets.

We both think it looks and feels more like a little farm.


  1. We had such poor performance last spring and summer I'm reluctant to start. I also am removing some of my raised beds. Only one so far but that bed never grew anything but weeds and ants and the box rotted at the speed of light. Gardening is expensive.
    I am still eating the tomatoes I grew in the fall and that is what's suckering me in.
    Oh well another year another disappointment. If it was easy everybody would do it.

  2. I think your garden looks wonderful!