Friday, June 25, 2010

Eggs and Potatoes

Brian spotted this nest hidden in one of our rose bushes. We were admiring all the materials used and how each piece is strategically placed just so. There is straw, twine, kite string, twigs...We are especially fond of the piece of turquoise yarn. Then I peeked inside and noticed there are 3 light turquoise eggs in there!

We haven't seen any birds coming around to tend to them so we are wondering what they taste like. No! Just kidding. I'm wondering if there is possibly something wrong with them.

We haven't been putting too much work into our garden, well, not as much as last year, so it is extra exciting when we are able to harvest something. Last night we went to the garden to pick some potatoes for today's lunch. Once we started digging them up we couldn't stop and ended up with quite a few in varying sizes. We did eventually stop before digging up ALL the plants so we are looking forward to another potato harvest.

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