Friday, June 25, 2010

Changing our World by Sleeping Outdoors

We've been sleeping in the back yard under our grape arbor.

We planned on sleeping out just one night, possibly two, and then going back to sleeping indoors on work nights, which are during the week for us. We were worried we wouldn't get a good nights sleep, BUT, after being out there for two weeks and enjoying it so much, we are no longer worried about that.

I still find it amazing how the tiniest of efforts and just little changes can have a huge impact.

When we started this blog we were making some changes that were bringing us back to a similar way of life we lived as children and as young adults with less money. Back to a time when we rode our bikes, worked in the garden, lived without central heating and air conditioning, played outdoors, were creative, and made due with what we had. We were beginning to come full circle.

Sleeping outside is another one of those changes for us. Summers here in Sacramento are HOT and since I work in an air conditioned office all day, adjusting to the heat is difficult for me. Towards the end of winter we decided to see how long we could go without using the heater, just how cold it would have to get before we caved. That was the last time we used the heater.

Now that it's hot we want to see how long we can go without the air conditioner and it's not as easy. (Heat = grumpy!) This has brought us outdoors where, once the sun goes down, it is cool. For now anyhow. It is only June.

I want to enjoy being outside no matter what the temperature, just like when I was younger. And I know the more I'm out there the easier that will be.


  1. Even when we were only getting into the 80's people were remarking at how crazy it was for me to ride midday. As long as the bike is moving it's not bad at all. I rode last week in temps as high as 96* and very high humidity but I wasn't uncomfortable. It did take over an hour to get enough water when finished.
    I'm sleeping indoors but with windows open and no air most nights. Temperature this morning at 6 am was 73* and quite comfortable.
    We are currently waiting for the first great oil spreader to arrive.
    Keep up the backyard adventures and keep telling us about it.

  2. In our neighborhood we actually feel safer sleeping out back than inside with the windows open. One of my favorite perks from sleeping outside is not being awakened by an annoying alarm clock. Most mornings we wake before it goes off. Kudos to you riding in the heat AND humidity. Yes, stay hydrated.

  3. In the 50's half of NYC would bring the family to sleep in Central Park!A screen porch or gazebo would be great too.