Saturday, July 10, 2010

The beauty is always there

We haven't been tending to the garden as obsessively as last year so things are looking a bit uncared for. Mostly the yard is just overgrown with weeds and grass, which to me is a weed. But, there are also other projects that we are wanting or needing to do as well, just sitting there. Waiting. So, there are times when I become overwhelmed just by entering the backyard, only seeing all the chores and unfinished projects. I've found that taking action, no matter how small, helps. As I was out weeding the other evening I actually felt myself begin to feel less overwhelmed and my perspective shifted to noticing all the bounty in the yard.

what a mess

Our tomatoes (and grass) with jalapeno peppers in the outlining cinder blocks. In the background, our green house and compost bin which has a couple raspberry bushes growing next to it. Also, our lime tree which produced a massive amount of limes and was doing really well last winter, and then all of a sudden, froze. It seems to be making a come back but we are keeping our fingers crossed. We enjoy virgin mojitos with fresh lime.

the black pot in the foreground is our cilantro that's gone to seed. behind that is chamomile that has beautiful daisy-like flowers and a pleasant aroma, basil self-watering containers, nasturtiums, grape vines, and, our bed.

a beautiful red rose and the worm tea container with a dispenser 

the hibiscus trees are blooming...

...and so is the mint

I even found all these little treasures

We have a blackberry vine in the front yard that was here when we moved in. I usually dont water enough so we've never had berries. I've been watering this year because I wanted berries. These are the first of them. I'm thankful the plants aren't bothered by the mess. I think they are trying to tell me something.


  1. First we had a blast of heat then weeks of rain that would rival the great flood so that weed (St. Augustine) and its ally's took over. The amount of time and money I've already expended would have kept us in fresh vegetables for months. Now all we need is an oily hurricane. I'm ready to move into the city and into a upper story apartment and leave the green stuff to the slugs, bugs and armadillos.

  2. My wife wants to start a garden. We'll give it a go starting this fall. It sounds like alot of work but I'm looking forward to an endless supply of cilantro. We eat lots of Mexican food.