Friday, February 11, 2011

Cargo Bikes

Brian recently got a larger battery for his e-assist commuter xtracycle and is just about finished with the battery storage box. He's really been wanting an electric cargo bike and actually started building it today. Once the bike is built his new battery and hub motor will be transferred from the xtracycle to the new cargo bike. We'll post pictures of the progress soon.

One goal we are working towards is to, one day, be as car free as possible. We are hoping to each have an e-assist bike as a car replacement. Not just regular sized bikes, but some sort of load carrying or cargo bike. Here are just of few of the bikes Brian has found while spending countless hours searching the internet. Enjoy!

This is a Bullitt and can be found here

Another great cargo bike site can be found here

These cool bikes pictured below can be found at

We have been seeing more and more long bikes, xtracycles, but don't see cargo bikes here in Sacramento. Are there any cargo bikes roaming the streets where you live?

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  1. hey... we just got our bakfiets 2 weeks ago and are riding round midtown sacto as much as possible! the kiddos are loving it. seems crazy that we are the only ones, this city is perfect for them!