Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lazy Days of Winter

Stretch......Yawn.....Stretch..... I'm slowly awakening from my winter hibernation. The shortened daylight and cold temperatures of winter took their toll on my motivation and desire to do anything but the temperatures are rising and the daylight hours have already extended. I'm so happy about this.

Sitting here late at night blogging, the only one up, I miss this. These past months, when the thought of writing a post crosses my mind I conclude I have nothing to write about. Which is still somewhat true but blogging is like most things. The more you do it the more you want to do it.

Something new that we've experienced lately is wild meat. We were given wild boar, elk, and deer from someone we know who hunts. The wild boar (a smoked slab, breakfast sausage and roast) went first and we had the elk steak tonight. First time I've eaten elk and I really liked it.

Looking forward to the lazy days of summer.



  1. This is always a great time of year as we emerge from those dark and cold days of winter....Good to see spring arriving with the expectations of the warmer days ahead.....


  2. When I finished horseshoeing school in 1982 one of the young men in my class gave me a couple of frozen elk steaks so he would not have to transport them back to Idaho. We camped along side the Colorado River that night and cooked them over a mesquite fire. I have never had anything better.
    I keep my hand in posting when I'm not inspired by commenting on the blogs of others. I assume that since I like comments then some others must as well.

  3. Trevor - Thanks for the understanding words and taking the time to share them. Well said.

    Oldfool - Horseshoeing school? Never heard of such a thing. Learn something new every day...What a great memory to have. We finally ate the elk and I was pleasantly surprised. VERY tasty. Your assumption is accurate. At least for me.